Peer to Peer. Highly Liquid. Zero Fees.
Digitex Trade
Digitex Trade is a zero-fee cryptocurrency exchange offering futures, spot and forex markets. Our one-click trading ladder facilitates high-frequency manual trading unencumbered by any transaction fees on any trades.
DUSD stablecoin
Digitex Trade Features
Powered by DUSD
All trading and account balances denominated in the USD-pegged Digitex stablecoin.
Zero fees
We never charge a single penny in trading fees, enabling strategies that aren’t possible on other platforms.
One-click trading ladder
Trade on up to three intuitive one-click trading ladders simultaneously.
High leverage
Magnify your profit potential with margin trading offering up to 100x leverage.
Deep liquidity
Trade 24/7 with automated bots without needing any programming knowledge.
Liquidity Mining Rewards
Liquidity Mining Rewards for market making on the Digitex Trade.