Digitex City
Digitex City is crypto’s playground - the only online venue that allows you to trade, play, and connect.
After the successful launch of our zero-fee futures exchange, a scalper’s paradise that creates utility and demand for the DGTX token, we are excited to announce Digitex City - designed to multiply DGTX demand 100-fold.
January 2018
DGTX token ICO
The DGTX token ICO sells out in 17 minutes raising $5.2 million. This funding kick-started development of the Digitex Futures exchange.
October 2018
DGTX hits all-time-high $0.16
In the worst cryptocurrency bear market on record, the DGTX token hits an all-time-high reaching a market cap of $160 million.
January 2019
Formation of the Digitex Treasury
The Treasury puts Digitex in the position of being among the few blockchain projects that have used their own token to create a sustainable source of funding over the critical startup years. Every quarter, the DIgitex releases 10 million DGTX from a smart contract to be publicly sold.
November 2019
Digitex beta platform
The beta platform has proved itself capable of handling over 22 billion contracts in a 24-hour period. Even more impressive is the demonstration of Digitex’s one-click trading ladder interface - a first for the cryptocurrency industry.
July 2020
Digitex mainnet public launch
Digitex has launched on mainnet, onboarding its long-standing and loyal supporters in phases, and proving its revolutionary zero-fee trading concept made possible by the DGTX token.

Digitex has fully onboarded its waitlist and opened doors to the public exceeding $1 billion in 24-hour trading volume.
December 2020
Digitex City soft launch
Digitex launches the DUSD stablecoin built into Digitex City, version 2.0 of the Digitex platform. Designed with a “trade, play, connect” concept, the purpose is to increase user demand for the DGTX token 100-fold.
Future plans
Digitex City will be rolling out many new products including: casino, poker, esports betting, a gentleman’s playhouse, and many more games for the play area. Digitex products maintain its signature zero-fee, no spread, no house edge, and level playing-field theme. The native currency of the platform is the DUSD stablecoin which is pegged at $1. Digitex also introduces an IEO platform called Blockfunder to host future ICO’s and STO’s.
The Face of Digitex City
Adam Todd
The face of Digitex is CEO and Founder Adam Todd. Tough as nails and with a steely determination to match, Adam is not your typical CEO. Nurturing Digitex from an initial idea through to execution entirely in the public eye, he has faced both praise and criticism throughout the Digitex journey so far.

A former pit trader turned successful crypto entrepreneur, Adam is the first to admit that developing cutting-edge products in the ferociously competitive tech startup space is a steep learning curve. He’s taken the rough with the smooth, and has never cut corners in his relentless quest for excellence. Digitex is the culmination of Adam’s dream and living proof that nothing is impossible when you set your sights on it.

Adam founded Digitex as a futures exchange in 2017, launching with a sell-out token sale that raised $5.2 million in just 17 minutes.

Adam knew his idea was a winning formula destined to be a hit among traders.
Digitex today
Today, the Digitex team comprises more than 70 talented and motivated people, united in achieving Adam’s vision of driving demand for the DGTX token.
Digitex Team

The team blends expertise in areas including operations and customer experience, marketing, branding, content development, software development and user experience and engagement.

With a cutting-edge, intuitive platform boasting tremendous volume capacity, multiple compelling features, an innovative revenue model, a visionary CEO, and a stellar team, Digitex is blazing a new trail in the internet of value.

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