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Digitex City is a vibrant hub of activity centered around cryptocurrency trading, staking and betting.
In Digitex City, you can make money any way that suits you, whilst connecting with like-minded people.
DGTX Daily Rewards
Earn generous daily rewards from all kinds of programs within Digitex City.
Pool rewards, liquidity mining, DUSD stablecoin creation and more.
Connect with crypto
Become a part of our vibrant cryptocurrency social network.
Discover how to trade and invest your crypto.
Trade With Zero Fees
Cryptocurrency futures and spot exchange.
Trade 24/7 with user configurable bots with zero commission fees.
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cryptocurrency exchange
Digitex Trade
Peer-to-peer trading on highly liquid cryptocurrency, futures, and forex markets with zero trading fees and no house edge.
Zero trading fees
No transaction fees allows traders to pursue high frequency, high volume trading strategies not viable
on fee charging exchanges.
One-click ladder interface
Keep your eyes on the action with no keyboard strokes or mouse movement. Submit your trades with a single click - fast, instant trade submission.
User-configurable bots
Create automated trading bots without needing any programming skills. Trade 24/7 from an easy-to-use interface.
Cryptocurrency games
Digitex Play

Digitex Play is where you can play games and bet with no house edge working against you. Your chances
of winning are much higher here than anywhere else.

Our games pay out the true odds of winning meaning that you can play longer and win more often.

Betting games
Fun, easy cryptocurrency betting games that are paying out the true odds of winning
Esports betting exchange
Real time, fast-paced, peer-to-peer betting
on live esports games as they happen
Zero rake poker room
Zero rake poker room where players bet with DUSD tokens, and the house takes no cut
of winning pots — arriving in 2021
Gentleman's playhouse
The Playhouse is an entertainment venue
for gentlemen where DUSD gets you anything you want
Cryptocurrency social platform
Digitex Connect
Discover the latest money-making strategies in the world of cryptocurrencies. Interact with groups and people who understand and follow the latest cryptocurrency trends such as DeFi, staking, liquidity mining, and more.
Discover how to make your crypto work for you
Connect with people from around the world, and join the crypto revolution.
Digitex Connect features high quality, curated content and a culture focused around making your crypto work for you.
Keep track of all your coins with our live coin ranking stats and market data.
Powered by DGTX
Digitex City is an ecosystem designed to create ever increasing demand for DGTX — a utility token that is needed as collateral to create DUSD stablecoins. As the Digitex City economy grows and demand for its native currency DUSD increases, so does demand for DGTX.
The Native Currency of Digitex City
DUSD Stablecoin
Stable. Liquid. Powered by DGTX.
The Native Currency of Digitex City
As we continue to grow and expand the features of Digitex City, you’ll find more ways to earn and spend DUSD. However, its value will always remain the same.
coming soon
DUSD is the Digitex stablecoin. It’s an Ethereum-based digital currency pegged at $1 USD. DUSD is the only currency accepted in Digitex City. You’ll need DUSD to:
Futures and forex markets in Digitex Trade
Advertising in
Digitex Connect
The company of beautiful women in the Playhouse
Rewards for liquidity mining in Digitex Trade
Poker, casino, or bet on esports in Digitex Play
Buy DUSD denominated fixed income bonds
The Native Currency of Digitex City
As we continue to grow and expand the features of Digitex City, you’ll find more ways to earn and spend DUSD. However, its value will always remain the same.
coming soon
DGTX Yield Farming
Rewards Program on Uniswap
Earn DGTX by pooling your tokens on Uniswap — rewards paid daily to holders, stay in longer and earn more.